About Us

Who are we?

Mr Biker Saigon, where passion became a lifestyle

The beginning of the adventure

After years of working in the tourism industry as a tour guide and itinerary developer, Mr Thai Minh Hang, traveler and cycling lover since he was first inspired by a group of tourists cycling through the Mekong Delta in 2008, started dreaming about creating a home for those sharing his passion but also a place to introduce the benefits of cycling and encourage everyone to surpass themselves! Thus, Mr Biker Saigon was launched in 2016. Starting as a rental and repair bicycle shops, the company grew for its premium quality of equipment and excellence services. On site, bicycles and accessories from globally famous manufacturers, for either family usage or sport dedicated purposes, as well as repair and maintenance were offered as well as long and short day-tours across Vietnam.

With the growing enthusiasm for off-beaten path and eco-friendly travels, more and more international travelers as well as locals turned to Mr Biker Saigon to (re)discover Vietnam with a different light. They found the company to be synonym of safety, mobility, personalized care and authenticity, in short, they were not disappointed!  Dreaming about ways to reach an even larger public, from the person who has not cycle in years to the professional racer and initiate everyone to the joy of exploring our colorful, culture and history-full country by bicycle, Mr Biker Saigon grew into offering authentic bicycle tours for all, adapting to everyone’s needs and pace, with the same team of cycling experts.